Ruggedized iPhone/iPod Cases & iOS Terminals

Robust iPhone Cases & Protective Covers for Businesses

The Apple iPhone has become the most important tool in nowadays business world. Today, it is one of the most common tasks to retrieve and save important data and email via the iPhone.

In order to fully utilize the many advantages offered by tablets and smartphones for specialized applications in logistics, trade, industry and medical care, particularly sturdy cases and terminals are required.

Our specially designed protective covers and cases for iPhone and iPod can either be used as a handheld or wearable device mounted on your forearm. They are equipped with water- and dust-proof industry level connections, powerful batteries and integrated 1D barcode scanners/2D imagers & card readers.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of the possibility to improve your daily processes with robust, cost and time efficient hardware.

Speedmaker MF

Flowtouch® Speedmaker MF

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