Ruggedized iOS Hardware

Robust Cases & Covers for iPhone, iPod and iPad

We are offering robust cases and covers for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad mini for your organization. We gladly consult you in order to find just the right terminal providing just the right protection standards (IP65, IP66, IP67) for your needs. Our ruggedized iOS cases are, for the most part, not only shock resistant, but also dust and waterproof.

Ruggedized Cases

Our range of products is diverse. The Flowtouch® Speedmaker combines an iPhone with an industry level barcode scanner within a single robust case. The first wearable iOS case. The Flowtouch® Compadion encloses an iPad and is ideally suited for use as a forklift terminal or for your field workers.

The Flowtouch® product line includes robust cases for iPhone, iPod, iPad or iPad mini. The Speedmaker MF can be used as a portable point-of-sale terminal with integrated magnetic card reader or in warehouse management with integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner.

Furthermore, the Compadion GO, adhering to high protection standards, is ideally suited for use in all kinds of rough environments ranging from logistics and trade to industry and healthcare. No matter what you are looking for, we gladly offer you consultation and are sure to find just the right solution for you.

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