App Conception


Within a collaborative workshop we are going to translate your app idea into first sketches and scribbles. Your processes are going to be radically simplified and optimized. As a result of this workshop, you will receive a complete paper prototype of your business app. Together with you and the future users we will then test the app’s behavior with the help of paper-based GUI elements and adjust it with regard to perfect iOS user interface design.


The workshop is the cornerstone for each project. Here, the company-internal processes are being visualized, revised and adapted if needed and translated into an app concept.

Paper Prototype

The paper prototype represents your concept as a fully sketched out app. At this point, all of the agreed upon functionality is visualized. This way the processes are illustrated again and can be reviewed once more.

Touch Dummy

Your processed mapped to an iPhone or iPad in a click-through fashion. By means of the touch dummy, you can test your processed and their translation into an app in a very direct way. We refine your concept until you are satisfied with the result.

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