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iOS App, Hybrid App, iBeacon, MDM???
You do know all or some of these but you still have questions? No problem! We offer specially targeted training sessions and workshops for your company. Ranging from trend analysis, general infos regarding apps in business environments to specialized training programs with apps, we have a rich portfolio.

Understanding App Development and Deployment Strategies

Enterprises nowadays are under great pressure to meet the requirements of a mobile world. They compete for changing market places and have to try to cater to the mobile needs of their employees and customers as well as their suppliers. Social Media, Cloud Services, Big Data, MDM, … many extensive topics which companies struggle to stay up-to-date with. Which are the trends for the coming year, how is the market going to change? How does an app come together and how can a large amount of mobile devices be managed? Questions upon questions upon questions – we are glad to help. Feel free to browse through our wide range of workshop, trainings and educational apps.

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