FIxIT - The iPad Business App for the Service Technician


FIxIT – an app specifically tailored to the particular needs of mobile service technicians. The app provides users with quick and location independent access to all the information required for carrying out a repair order. By basically carrying their office along with them – in the form of an iPad together with the FIxIT app – they can minimize travel time and annoying paperwork and rather focus on excellent customer service.

The service technician is constantly updated with news from the back office and gets all relevant data delivered directly to the iPad. The FIxIT app offers an overview of all fault reports including the specific details, information about required equipment and an optimized route to the destination. All the required documentation work, from damage description to customer signature and filing of receipts, can be carried out on location via the iPad.

This allows for immediate reactions to customers‘ needs and complaints and thus increases customer satisfaction. Of course the app can be run offline as well. In that case the accumulated data is stored in a local database and synchronized with the SAP system at a later point in time.

Fixit Screenshot

The iOS business app FIxIT can easiyl be adjusted to your personal processes and needs and is therefore not only suited for service technicians but for basically all field work tasks. This project was developed and implemented in October 2012 cooperating with the the company SCC.

You still have questions concerning this project or are interested in putting the app to use? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Along with the app, we recommend industry devices – ideally ruggedized and certified by Apple, in order to make sure that not only your software is stable.

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