Flow2 - iOS Logistics App with Excess Value


With the Flow2 logistics app the SHT Haustechnik AG managed to redefine efficiency in warehouse management and shipping. It is the combination of innovative ruggedized iOS products and technological possibilities deeply integrated into the operating system itself (e-mail, GPS, camera, etc.) as well as a tailor-made Interface which allows for an outstanding user experience.

The Speedmaker, a forearm-mounted iOS device, as well as intelligently mapped processes do not only make for satisfied employees but also enable customer service of a whole new quality. A transparent shipping process including a wealth of advantages ranging from on location signatures with a specialized pen to electronic delivery or return documents which can be additionally tagged with GPS coordinates and images.

We implemented the entire loading and delivery process, providing for success through qualitative data and excellent usability from start to end. Flow2 was developed for SHT between July and December 2012.

This project within our logistics app sparks your interest? Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions. We are at your disposal any time.

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