Zte– The iOS App for Lead Capturing

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Up to now leads at a trade fair are mostly captured on pad of paper strapped to a clipboard along with a business card pinned or stapled to it. This means a lot of paperwork which has to tediously be processed by the back office. It is thus not uncommon that days or weeks pass until the customer finally receives the requested information.

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Digital Business Cards, Sketches Directly on the iPad, Digital Documents, Sending E-Mail on location, …

One of the goals of an optimum trade fair appearance should be smooth and professional data acquisition, providing added value to you and your customers. We have developed an iOS app for capturing leads which will not only enthuse your customers. Never ever has it been possible to respond to trade fair requests this quickly.

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Feel free to test the app live on your device. We have a free trial version on the App Store, which provides you with five leads for testing purposes.

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