ServiceContract - Mobile Data Acquisition Efficiently Implemented

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Efficient services on location at the customer. Record and process warranty cases, repairs and cost estimated directly on the spot and forward them to the relevant departments via e-mail by using iOS business apps.

Why do the same work twice? Profit from time efficiency made possible by modern app development.

No loss of time. No repeated data acquisition. Data is captured quickly due to optimized usability- Customers can sign directly on the device and receive e-mail confirmations via e-mail. This project has been implemented in January 2013.

Your App can be Customized with Minimal Effort

From the recorded data, the app automatically creates a PDF which can also be customized to meet your requirements. Add your very own company logo, change the address header and generate a custom title for the PDF. An electronic signature can be captured via the app and is automatically inserted into the PDF.

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