The Planning Phase

Your needs and requirements are at the very heart of the planning phase. In the course of a first meeting we are going to discuss some fundamental questions within a collective brainstorming session: What are your ideas and expectations? What kind of interfaces are available (Oracle, SAP, AS400, etc.)? Who are the users and how are you planning to benefit from the iOS or Android app? Which kind of app is best suited for your needs? A native one or maybe a web or hybrid app?

iPhone - Planning Photo

During a collaborative workshop we are going to create some first sketches and scribbles based on your ideas. Your processes are going to be significantly simplified and optimized. You are going to receive a finished paper prototype of your business app as a result of this first workshop. Together with you and potential future users we are going to test the app‘s behavior with paper-based UI elements and model it accordingly to produce a perfect user interface.

Design Phase →

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